How To Submit Your Demo

We listen to all demos that are submitted to us. 

You can only submit your music to our team via a streaming service like Soundcloud / Youtube / Spotify etc. No MP# files can be uploaded.

When you submit your demo, you are also providing us the right to share your music on our Social Media pages. 

 Submit Demo tips: 

- Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube links are great. 
- Submit a demo (and only one demo) that represents you and that you are proud of. 
- Don’t submit your form more than once.
- Include your Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube channel. 
- Subscribe to our newsletter. 

  Submission Rules: 
- The music submitted MUST be in Spanish ONLY to be considered....NO EXCEPTIONS

- Must be between 14-25 years of age.

- If you can provide a video (does not have to be professional quality) you increase your chances.

- Must live within the Miami, Fl. Area.

Looking forward listening to your music!


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